After upgrading to LRP2021 R1 the JMeter Hits and JMeter Throughput graph are missing!
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Please tell me how to get the JMeter Hits and JMeter Throughput graphs in LRP 2021 R1. I did try to Add a new graph…but I could not see JMeter section.


I downgraded to LRP version 2020.3 and everything is working fine…I can see the JMeter metrics”

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Asked on September 8, 2021 3:02 pm
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The Reason is the JMeter graphs (LRE 2020.3's - JMeter Hits,& JMeter Throughput) were merged in the standard Controller Graphs. In new LRP 2021.R1. Now JMeter test executions are monitored through the following standard Controller graphs:

  • Running Vusers
  • Transaction Response Time
  • Total Transaction per second (Passed)
  • Transactions per second (Passed)
  • HTTP Responses per second
  • Hits per Second
  • Throughput - Whole Load Test

These changes to the JMeter monitor graphs (removal of the JMeter Hits, JMeter Throughput) was part of the LRP 2021.x enhancements for JMeter test executions.

IN LRP 2021.R1 These enhancements for JMeter tests enable you to:

  • Run tests with the embedded JMeter installation—no additional installation required.
  • Control the number of Vusers and their scheduling during a scenario run.
  • View results for JMeter scripts in the Web Resources Hits per second and Throughput graphs.
  • Define additional runtime settings for JMeter.
  • In addition, if you add a JMeter script containing multiple thread groups into a scenario, the thread groups are now imported as multiple Vuser groups.
  • For details, see JMeter tests.


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Answered on September 8, 2021 3:05 pm

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