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I'm using Ajax Click & Script with LoadRunner 12.20 to create a script in VuGen. I'm having some issues with getting the script to record and play back. Are there any limitations to this protocol, or any troubleshooting techniques someone could share?

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Asked on October 27, 2015 1:49 pm
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Ajax (Click & Script) recording Issues and Limitations:

Browser support

- Only Internet Explorer is supported
for Click & Script. To record browser
activity on Firefox, use the Web
(HTTP/HTML) protocol.

- Not supported for Internet Explorer
- For Click & Script protocols, VuGen
may take an excessive amount of time
to open the Recording Options dialog

Language Support

- Recording an application in a
specific language (e.g., French,
Japanese) must be performed on a
machine whose default locale (in
Settings > Control Panel > Regional
Options) is the same language

- Support of right-to-left languages is
limited (e.g., bi-directional or
reversed text may not be processed as
expected). This is defined by the
default operating system translation

- The locale of the load-generator
machine must be configured to be the
same as that of the recording
machine. It cannot be assumed that
the Linux default character set is
the same as in Windows, even for
US-English machines, and this has to
be explicitly verified. For example,
the default character set on Linux is

Application behaves differently while being recorded:

- If your application behaves
differently during recording, than it
does without recording, you should
determine if the recording problem is
unique to Web. The effect may be that
a Web page will not load, part of the
content may be missing, a popup
window will not open, and so forth.

Workaround: Create a new Web (HTTP/HTML) script and repeat the recording.

- In the event that the recording fails
in Web (HTTP/HTML), we recommend that
you disable socket level recording
(see Click & Script Recording
Tips).The problem may be the result
of an event listener. Use trial and
error to disable event listeners in
the Web Event Configuration Recording
Options, and then re-record your
session as a Web (HTTP/HTML) user.

Certain Click & Script steps do not generate properly:

- After recording a script, if not all
steps are correctly generated, the
problem may be due to the Windows
Component > Internet Explorer
Enhanced Security Configuration.
Remove Internet Explorer Enhanced
Security Configuration by selecting
Control Panel > Add or Remove
Programs > Add or Remove Windows
Components and re-record your script.

Disable an Event Listener:

1. Click Record > Recording Options to
open the Recording Options dialog

2. Select the GUI Properties > Web
Event Configuration node.

3. Click Custom Settings and expand the
Web Objects node. Select an

4. Select Disabled from the list in the
Record column for the relevant
Web object. If the recording still
does not work, enable the listener
you previously disabled, and try
disabling another one. Repeat these
steps until your recording succeeds.

Dynamic menu navigation was not recorded:

- A dynamic menu is a menu that
dynamically changes depending on
where you select it. If the dynamic
menu navigation was not recorded,
record again using ''high'' event
configuration mode. These settings
can be found in the Recording Options
> GUI Properties > Web Event Configuration node.

Certain user actions were not recorded:

- Check if there is a Java applet
running inside the browser. If not,
record the script with the Web
(HTTP/HTML) protocol.

Supported Environments:

- ActiveX objects and Java applets are
only supported on Windows platforms.

- Not supported for Macromedia Flash or
VB Script.

- Click & Script protocols do not
support pop-up windows.

For more please refer to the Vugen help guide for more information by using F1 in Vugen.

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Answered on October 27, 2015 1:53 pm