AJAX truclient pick check box list with same category
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Hello All,

AJAX Truclient Evalxpath to differentiate category and pick all same category checkboxes.

Below is evalpath i get when i check evalxpath for one value. similarly the evalxpath is same for other checkox with different check box value (i.e 8539fc082ed57f0591bc12b7e516a3680ef

evalXPath("//input[@type=\\"checkbox\\" and @value=\\"8539fc082ed57f0591bc12b7e516a3680ef6\\"]");

But i want to differentiate two(IN & OUT STOCKS) different categories, from below three stocks, i need to pick number of In stock category (IN stock changes with users, they are not constant) only.

In Stock Out Stock In Stock
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Asked on December 2, 2016 7:11 am
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I recommend you use a loop and if then else statement to perfrom this task.

loop for the number of line of item in the list
if ''in stock''
then checkbox = true
go to next item in list
increment the loop
else //for out of stock item
go to next item in list
increment the loop
end loop when no more items in list and continue the script

OR if possible have the application sort for ''in stock item'' and then select all items.

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Answered on December 7, 2016 5:28 pm

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