ALM 12.50 Installation on Windows: Repository Path
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We are working on an upgrade from ALM 11.52 to ALM 12.53. We are switching from a Linux app server to a Windows app server.

Reading the installation guide, I saw a note indicating "Due to a Windows limitation, the repository path cannot be on a mapped drive.".

Does that mean the repository must be local to the machine, i.e., on C drive?

Or can the path be something like \\\\servername\\repository_path?

Our repository is currently on an NFS mount, but we are working with our Windows sys admins to create a CIFS share that the Windows machine can access.

Before moving forward, I wanted to make sure that a non-local repository path was even supported.

Thanks for your help!

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Asked on August 9, 2016 10:14 pm
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The QC Repository can NOT be on a mapped drive i.e. Y: or Z: mapped to a network share.

You CAN, however put it on any ''local'' drive (physical drive or partition) or on a fully described network share (e.g. \servernamerepository_path) as you were asking.

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Answered on August 9, 2016 10:17 pm

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