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Hello Experts,

Currently in our ALM PC license Tab i see three types of license installed
**Additional test** Named: No Expiration Date : Unlimited InUse : 0 Max : unlimited
**Full License** Named: No Expiration Date : Unlimited InUse : 6 Max : 7
**Performance Center** Named: No Expiration Date : Unlimited InUse : 0 Max : unlimited

I was wondering
1) why users are using full license even when they are running performance test.
2) why are users not using performance center license since its unlimited.
3) How do i restrict perf users to use only perf license.
4) will users using full license get impact by changing their type of license to performance center license which is unlimited.
5) what is additional test and full license used for?
6) how is this site license (performance center) is different from license in lab management.

Please advise. @jefptman @MrWhite @Jeffrey Gardner 1 @Josh_Yates
Thanks in advance

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Asked on October 12, 2018 8:21 am
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1. When you say that the users are running a performance test are they running that test from ALM? If so, then they have to log into ALM to run the test so they will consume an ALM license.
2. The unlimited performance center license is included with ALM to allow access to features of Lab Management. This license is not available for users only for the application
3. You cannot, this license is only available the application
4. Again users cannot use the Performance Center license only the application
5. An additional test license is for users that only need access to the test module (ex. TestPlan and/or TestLab). You can restrict groups of users to only the test module and they will pull the additional tests license using module access in Customization. Otherwise, the users will pull all the full licenses first then pull the additional test licenses.
6. The License(s) that you see in the license tab of ALM is for users of ALM. The licenses that you see in Lab Management are Performance Center use.

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Answered on October 12, 2018 1:30 pm
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![alt text][1]Thanks @jefptman this is clear, but when i pull the report from site analysis i see numbers against
additional test and performance center license.
i understand when full license limit is done user get connected to additional test license which is available, but how comes there are numbers against performance center license if it is only used by application.
Also when addition test license is unlimited why there are entries for performance test license as well. please advise

[1]: /storage/temp/896-license-details.jpg

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Answered on October 12, 2018 1:48 pm
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Ok, I did some quick testing and here is what I found...

1. if you install the ALM temp license when installing ALM, and that license expires, the ALM portions of the license expire but the PC license portion does not and when a users logs in they will pull a performance center license and have access to the Testing module. They will not be able to access any other modules.
2. Once you have a valid license installed then users will pull a qc license when logging in until all are used up.
3. If you create a group and go into module access and remove access to all modules (you will get an error when you try to save these changes) when a user in that group tries to log in they will get an error that they cannot access any modules and will not be allowed to log in.
4. If you remove access to all modules except for Lab Management then when that user logs in they will receive a PC License. This only gives them access to Test Lab and Test Runs under the testing Module.

So if you are looking for a way to keep Performance Testing user from using a full license you could try #4 above. The reason that it works this way is so that even if all the ALM licenses are in use you can still run Performance Tests if you have the Performance Center licenses installed.

I have been asked in the past if users pulling this PC License violates the license agreement and was told no by HPE at the time.

Scenario #4 above was the only way that I found that you could force a user to pull the PC license unless all ALM licenses were in use.

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Answered on October 12, 2018 2:37 pm

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