ALM not showing Sprinter screen shots that were taken during the test run
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Where are the attachments during the Step captures stored for ALM that come from a saved Sprinter run? If you open the Test Case in ALM I can see the steps but I do not see the attachments. Is this only view-able during Sprinter Playback? This is on Sprinter 12.01 and ALM 11.52.

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Asked on July 30, 2015 1:38 pm
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With Sprinter 12.01 and Sprinter 12.20, as ALM has this new setting for it, the config file points to the ALM setting. This setting though does not exist for your ALM 11.52.
To correct for your version of ALM 11.52, you need to edit the value to = True. Save it and relaunch Sprinter and see if the results are true.

Detailed Steps:

In order to make visible step attachments from Sprinter tests saved to ALM (and thus make Sprinter 12.0 save the steps' screenshots as attachments), you need to change Sprinter's config file.

In Sprinter's config file (binSprinter.exe.config), look for the ''DuplicateStepSnapshotAsAttachment'' attribute.
Changing it to ''True'' will get Sprinter to behave as you asked.
Starting from ALM 12.0, this setting is available through ALM project customization (setting in Sprinter config is renamed to ''UseQcCustomizationValue'').

The config usually lives here on 64 bt machines: C:Program Files (x86)HPSprinterbin
Or here for 32 bit machines: C:Program FilesHPSprinterbin

The key you need to edit is this one:

Change value = ''True''

Save and relaunch Sprinter. Then a matter of seeing if this retro fixes existing tests or if you have to open and/or resave to see results. Going forward it should all be fine, but unsure of retro fitting for existing tests.

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Answered on July 30, 2015 1:44 pm

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