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I add a test in Test Plan module and do not check it in.

Then in Test Lab I pull the test into a test set.

I change Status to Passed

Go into another test and my test (the unchecked in test) is put back into No Run.

Tried it in Manual run mode…
I get the warning message while running in Manual mode that test has not been checked in, do you want to continue.

I select yes to continue

I updated test to Passed

Takes me back into test lab view and test is set back to No Run.

In previous versions I am pretty sure I could run and pass a test that is not checked in, otherwise why do they have a warning message that test is not check and do you want to continue.

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Asked on April 30, 2018 3:45 pm
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You are correct that this does work differently than in past versions than it does for ALM version 12.xx. If you try and run a test that is checked out it will mark the run as a ''Draft Run'' (see below).

When the user changes the status or a manual run is performed you can go into runs and see that a run was logged however, the draft run flag will be set to ''Y'' so the status did not change. You can changed the Draft Run value from Y to N and the change will be reflected in the Test's status.

This has already been reported to Micro Focus and was deferred (see attached).

Draft Runs (User Guide p578)

Setting a test as a draft run instructs ALM to ignore the run results. When you set a test instance
as a draft run, the outcome of the run does not impact the execution status of the test, the status
of the test instance, or the coverage status. ALM also ignores draft runs when calculating the
remaining number of test instances to run, and when displaying results in coverage, progress, and
live analysis graphs.

You can designate a test run as a draft before you perform the test. You can also mark a test run
as a draft by modifying the Draft Run field at any time after the run. When you change the Draft
Run value for a run, ALM recalculates all relevant statistics, and updates relevant status fields.
Graphs display updated results.

Draft runs enable you to try tests while they are still in development, or after they have been
modified. For example, you may want to test that each step description is formulated correctly, or
try only a part of a large test script.

Setting a test run as a draft requires the appropriate user permissions. For details, refer to the HP
Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide.

For task details, see ''How to Work with Draft Runs'' on page 580.

How to Work with Draft Runs (User Guide p580)

This task describes how to set test runs as draft runs. You can set a test run as a draft in the
following ways:

- Before a test run. You can mark a test that you are running manually as a draft run before
performing the test. In the Manual Runner: Run Details page, set the value of the Draft Run
field to Y. For user interface details, see ''Manual Runner Wizard'' on page 682.

- After a test run. You can mark any test run as a draft by modifying the Draft Run field for the
run. For details on accessing run details, see ''How to View Test Runs'' on page 783.[link text][1]

[1]: /storage/temp/

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Answered on April 30, 2018 3:56 pm

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