ALM11 and Eclipse IDE Integration?
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Is it possible to connect to HP ALM11 directly from our Eclipse IDE?

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Asked on March 18, 2013 2:28 pm
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IDE Integration, including Eclipse, is available through the HP ALI (Application Lifecycle Intelligence). Note: this is only available with the full Application Lifecycle Management Edition of ALM11.

Here are your resources to get started (you will need access to HPLN; contact your HP support provider for details):

Go to HP ALM Add-ins Page -> More HP ALM Add-ins -> HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence (all the way at the bottom of the More Add-ins Page).

This will take you to the main ALI page in the HPLN Portal (direct link: [][1]).

This page gives you an introduction and points you towards HP ALI 2.5 (for HP ALM 11), consisting of the ALI 2.0 Bundle and ALI Dev 2.51 components. The ALI Dev 2.51 component is what brings plug-ins to the Eclipse IDE. Read these pages in their entirety and follow the included links:

HP ALI Main Page: [][3]

ALI Bundle Main Page**: [][4]
**Since you have ALM11, you will be using the ALI 2.0 Bundle (part of ALI 2.5, for HP ALM 11)...the 2.6 bundle (since that is for ALM 11.5).

ALI 2.0 ReadMe: [][5]

ALI 2.0 User Guide: [][6]

ALI 2.0 Bundle (Part of ALI 2.5, for HP ALM 11): [][7]

ALI 2.0 Files Main Page (includes SDK): [][8]

ALI Dev 2.51 (IDE Integration Content for ALI) Main Page: [][9]

ALI Dev for Eclipse Plug-in: [][10]

You will also see content links for each of the above pages (Home, Announcements, Forums, Content, Other Files, Blogs, Wikis, Polls, Pages).


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Answered on March 18, 2013 2:32 pm
Thanks for the links...getting into HP ALI now!
( at March 18, 2013 2:36 pm)

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