Application hangs during recording
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When recorded our application, it becomes unresponsive during the recording with VuGen. What could be the cause?

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Asked on July 25, 2018 1:52 pm
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Check the Recording Log in the Output pane (select Recording from the drop down list of logs) for a message about the Request Connection: Remote Server. If you see any ''Failed handshakes'', you will need to add manual port mapping.

Use the SSL Utility to get the needed information for your port mapping.

For details on the SSL Utility, please refer to the following URL:

The information you will need from the SSL Utility is the SSL version and the SSL Cipher.

Once you have the correct information from the SSL utility, you can add the manual port mapping.

Open the Port Mapping dialog box (Record > Recording Options > Network > Port Mapping > Options) and add an entry (New Entry) for the application's server.
Select ''Socket level data'' and create a new entry (this must be for each IP Address) as follows:

* Click on ''New Entry''
* Set ''Target Server'' to ''(One of the IP Addresses)''
* Set ''Port'' to ''443''
* Set ''Service ID'' to ''HTTP''
* Set ''Record Type'' to ''Proxy''
* Set ''Connection Type'' to ''SSL''
* Set ''SSL Version'' to ''the version found, from using the SSL Utility''
* Set ''SSL Ciphers'' to ''the Cipher found, from using the SSL Utility''
* Click on the ''Test SSL'' button
* IF you get a message that it successfully negotiated the handshake, then click the ''Update'' button

Repeat this process until you can record the application successfully . You can verify that there are no ''Failed handshakes'' in the recording log.

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Answered on July 25, 2018 1:52 pm

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