Are new IPA files needed when migrating from Mobile Center 3.10 to Mobile Center 3.20?
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Hi, I have a development instance of Mobile Center that I upgraded from v 3.10 to 3.20. The upgrade was successful w/o any issues except that the application does not display any iOS devices. Take note that I am seeing the “Developer” options on the devices itself and Mobile Center does install the applications on the devices as expected. All looks correct except that the devices won’t display/connect inside the gui.

To level-set; I am only seeing this in my development environment running a trial (2 device connection) license. I am using the (5) IPA files that are in place for my production environment and android devices are working as expected.

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Asked on February 7, 2020 5:33 pm
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Yes, new IPA files are always required when upgrading the level of Mobile Center because the original IPA files needed when using the MC Enabler are changed in every release. Also, please remember that when you run the MC Enabler successfully, the newly created IPA files will have a "-codesigned" in the name. You will need to take the newly created "-codesigned" files from your Mac machine to your MC Server and/or MC Connector and put them in the Agent directory but you also need to remove the "-codesigned" from the file name in order for Mobile Center to see them and connect your iOS devices to Mobile Center.

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Answered on February 7, 2020 5:44 pm

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