Attachments unavailable issue in ALM?
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  We have an issue with attachments.  We are attempting to attach files to a test run through the drag and drop method.  We open the test run and then select the attachments section from the left side and after the attachments page opens we then drag and drop the files desired from a windows explorer window.  We are attempting to add several files to the run. The files appear as they are there and have all fields populated (name, file size, etc).   The issue occurs when we go to open the files.  Only the original user that uploaded the files can open them.  Everyone else that attempts gets an error message stating that the file isn’t available and to check that it may have been moved or deleted.

   Is there something that we are doing incorrectly or is this a known issue?


Thanks for help,


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Asked on April 9, 2020 10:16 am
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Hi HomerJ,

I have seen this issue before and when we experienced it, the issue was that the naming used in the files was too long.  The system can't handle excessively long file names.  In the experience I have had anything over 100 characters in the name caused this issue.  Shortening the name of the files being added, rectified the situation and all users were then able to download and open the files.   The reason the original; creator was able to open them was because the files weren't able to be fully uploaded a placeholder link to the file was created but it contained the information to that users local folder and the other users didn't have access to that path location.  Shortening the name allowed the file to be fully uploaded to the system and not just the link.

Hope this helps you and your situation,


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Answered on April 9, 2020 10:22 am
Thanks, we shortened the names and the situation was resolved. Thanks for the recommendation and assistance.
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