Automatic Runner window showing as Waiting or Running and goes to the infinite state
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Hello, I have a problem with the Automatic runner in ALM for the last day or two, we have received reports that automated tests being initiated from HP ALM are getting stuck in a "Waiting…" status in the Automatic Runner window. These tests are running on various UFT hosts. These tests have been run successfully many times in the recent past from HP ALM. If the script is run directly on the UFT host, things work fine (except of course we don’t have the record of the run in HP ALM).

I have two questions. 1) You all have any insight/history on a problem such as this?… and 2) what can be done to get more detailed information on the issue? I’ve already checked the QC logs on the HP ALM server and nothing is standing out there. Are there more specific logs elsewhere… like on the PC from which HP ALM is being run or from the UFT host side or elsewhere? Please advise. Thanks in advance..

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Asked on May 11, 2018 10:19 am
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Hi Bhaskar,

Sometimes, Automatic runner will show up running status and It goes to infinite state, Nothing will happen due to memory issues.

Please try to clearing the temp files in the QC client cache. Type the %temp% in the windows explorer and search. you can see the td_80 folder and you can delete it. And also, you can delete cache in IE as well. Please delete temp folder and make sure you have enough space in the QC server/client machines.

After clean up activity, Restart the machine and try running test from ALM. If this does not resolve the issue, Please refer below eyeontesting article to get the UFT logs as you requested for further troubleshoot. Thank you..

Another possible way to fix this issue

If you have the time dependency set to a time in the future it will count down until the condition is met. This meant as a rudimentary way to run tests at a time other than the current time.

If the TC_PLAN_SCHEDULING_DATE system field (label is Planned Exec Date) on a test instance of type QUICKTEST_TEST is a future date, It appears that the automated test just sits waiting when we try to execute it but if that field is the current day or blank, is will run the test. This field influences the ability to run an automated test also..

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Answered on May 11, 2018 10:43 am

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