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I have a project where I have over 50 scripts that need to be run at a very particular transaction per second rate. I am sure there are several ways to do this but was wondering what would be the best way since I am a newbie at this.

There are different combination’s I can do in regards to Vusers, think times, and pacing or any combination of those. My original thought was to try to control it through Vusers and think times.

I also was not sure if there was a best scenario mode to run (percentage vs manual).

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I am using LoadRunner 9.52 and am testing web services. Each web service is required to have its own script. The transaction rate goes from 26 per second down to 1 per minute.

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Asked on July 9, 2010 1:24 pm
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Do you know how many users the system is expected to support? You can use that number to determine the number of virtual users you should test with.

I would recommend using pacing to control the throughput for each script versus think time. You can use think time, but any adjustments would have to be made within the script or with a think time multiplier. I think it is easier to keep track of pacing.

Since the scripts have different transaction per second requirements, I would use the manual mode. That way if you do need to adjust the virtual user count for a particular script, you will be able to change it directly instead of fiddling with percentages.


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Answered on July 12, 2010 2:20 pm