Can a single HP QC License be used in DEV and PROD environments?
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I am considering creating a DEV environment of our Production HP Quality Center DB. We currently have # Full Licenses, # Additional Defects Licenses, and # Additional Requirements licenses. Can these # licenses be used in multiple environments, on two different virtual DB servers?

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Asked on April 30, 2018 3:15 pm
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I am attaching the following to the post concerning you question


ALA_ALMC_Feb2018_5200-1627 non-production license guide.pdf

In the past (back when HPE owned the software) I was told to just use the production licenses on non-production systems. I looks like however that you will now need to go tot he license portal where you got the orginal license and click on the Non-Production tab to access the list of available licenses.

Gives you the class of the software and the products covered. This document also has definitions of terms that are used to describe the non-production licenses such as ''cold stand-by'' and ''Development and Test Systems''

ALA_ALMC_Feb2018_5200-1627 non-production license guide.pdf
This lists the non-production licenses that you are entitled to. This also tells you where you would go to get the non-production licenses

Class 1
For Class 1 products, upon request as described in this Non-Production Licensing Guide, EntIT offers Non-Production Licenses for Micro Focus Software Products that Customer has licensed on a perpetual basis, provided, however, Customer may only receive up to six (6) Non-Production Licenses at no charge for each Micro Focus Software Product obtained by Customer in the Applicable Agreement, regardless of the number of licenses purchased by Customer. The six (6) Non-Production Licenses may include up to:
* one (1) Non-Production Licenses for use on a single Hot Standby System;
* one (1) Non-Production Licenses for use on a single Cold Standby System;
* one (1) Non-Production Licenses for use on a single Non-Production Development System; or
* Non-Production Licenses for use on up to three (3) Test Systems.

IV. Process for requesting Non-Production Licenses
Class 1 and Class 4
Customer can only request Non-Production Licenses for Micro Focus Software Products licensed to Customer that are on active support contracts where all fees due have been paid and Customer is not in breach of the Applicable Agreement or support contract. Log into the Software Entitlement Portal at and select the Entitlements tab. The Non-Production Licenses are available on the Non-Production tab. Select the Environment Type and, subject to the restrictions in this Non-Production Licensing Guide, activate any allowable Non-Production Licenses. Please be prepared to provide the original EntIT order number or Applicable Agreement used for production licenses and products/quantities for the Non-Production Licenses request. If you obtained licenses from EntIT acquired companies (and do not have EntIT order numbers), you should submit a support case for a Non-Production Licenses request through

[link text][1]

[1]: /storage/temp/812-ala-almc-feb2018-5200-1627-non-produciton-license.pdf

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Answered on April 30, 2018 3:55 pm

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