Does our current license (Concurrent QC Enterprise) give us access to the Global Concurrent Users, or just Site Concurrent users?
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We are just trying to figure out what "QC Enterprise Concurrent" truly means. According to the quote pasted below, it looks like Site / Area / Global are 3 different licenses. We just want to confirm what we really have.

Do the 3 fall under our license? Does "Full License" have anything to do with this as far as giving us availability for global?

"HP Quality Center Enterprise is licensed by either Site Concurrent User, Area Concurrent User or Global Concurrent User"

Source of the quote:

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Asked on April 30, 2018 3:10 pm
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A ''concurrent'' license just means that at any one time you are allowed to have (insert your total number of licenses here) users logged in at any given time. You can have the client installed on as many workstations as you want but only ## users will are able to access the system at once.


Do the 3 fall under our license? Does ''Full License'' have anything to do with this as far as giving us availability for global?

A QC/ALM license that includes all three parts is called a full license. The parts of a QC/ALM license are

1. requirements
2. test
3. defect

You have the option to purchase additional defects, tests, and requirement licenses that only give you access to those modules (you don't have any of these under our support).

If you have 20 site concurrent licenses and 5 global concurrent licenses. It is the customers responsibility to stay in compliance with the geographic restrictions placed on each type of license. As far as QC/ALM is concerned every license is the same and there is no way to enforce the restrictions via QC/ALM.

The definitions for Site Area and Global are in the document that you provided the link to but here is a very simplified definition of each.

1. site - would be an address, building, suite, or campus
2. area - would be Americas (to include North, South and Central America)
3. global - any where in the world.

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Answered on April 30, 2018 3:11 pm

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