Can we upgrade to Windows 2019 on our LRE 12.63 (on Win2012R2) machines?

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Currently we are using load runner VuGen 12.63 ,Analysis 12.63 and Load generator 12.63 on windows os version 2012 R2 standard but our infrastructure team is going to upgrade windows machine from 2012 R2 to window 19.So we would like to know whether there will be any impact on loader runner tools (12.63) after windows upgradation. If yes then what will be extra software we need to install .Also confirm whether load runner 12.63 is compatible with window OS 2019 or not

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Asked on October 20, 2021 7:50 am
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No, Loadrunner Enterprise (LRE) 12.63 does not support Windows 2019 Server OS. The "Performance Center (LoadRunner Enterprise) Help" (Version: 12.60-12.63) site has the System Requirements PDF's which list all the supported Windows OS's for version 12.63.


In order use Windows 2019 servers , all of LRE 12.63 machines would have to be upgraded to LRE 2021 R1 after the Windows 2019 OS is installed.


recommend backup data, clean Windows 2019 OS installation, and ALL windows updates , then install Loadrunner enterprise in accordance with the LRE installation manual


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Answered on October 20, 2021 8:12 am