Cannot determine what addin to use in UFT
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I have not been able to determine the proper add-in for UFT to do a desktop application – it cannot differentiate anything past the window object. Here is the info I’ve been able to extract:

"Class Name:=Window",
"is child window:=False",
"is owned window:=False",
"object class:=Afx:00400000:0",
"regexpwndtitle:=2X Client",
"text:=2X Client",
"window id:=0",

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Asked on July 30, 2019 8:40 pm
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Is it possible to check with the application's developers to see if they are using any special toolkits with C++ for the gui objects in the application? I would also check with them to see if the Window object you can see is a container for another type of application not written in C++ and embedded. That would help determine what to use with UFT.

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Answered on July 30, 2019 8:41 pm

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