Cannot distribute Agent files to iOS device for UFT Mobile 3.30
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I upgraded to UFT Mobile 3.30 and I have an iPhone XR that has been upgraded to iOS 13.4

I downloaded all agent files and resigned using apple developer Account and uploaded back. I am set with provisioning profile.

I am getting “One or more of the Agent apps is not valid. The app is not an Agent app or is not signed. Error code: 2542.” when I try to distribute Agents.

What is wrong?

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Asked on April 28, 2020 6:53 pm
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Unfortunately, there was an issue with the connectors installation for version 3.30 of UFT Mobile.

Also, for iOS 13.4, you will need to upgrade to UFT Mobile 3.30 Patch 2.

So, you need to upgrade both your UFT Mobile Server and Connector to UFT Mobile 3.30 Patch 2. You will also need to latest MC Enabler for your Mac machine to resign your Agent files.

Next, on your actual iOS devices, you will need to delete whatever UFT Mobile applications are currently installed. The correct ones will be downloaded and installed when your reconnect your devices to your connector.

You should now be able to test with your iOS 13.4 devices.

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Answered on April 28, 2020 7:09 pm

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