Can’t install HP/Microfocus ALM client on Windows 7 system?
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We have a new system for a user that we can’t get the ALM client installed onto. We have tried everything we know by cleaning the system (it never had the client installed prior) yet we ran this anyway, used the launching of the IE browser in "rub as admin" mode, reducing UAC for the system, putting the browser in compatibility mode, tried running the register client option, and everything we know but are unable to get the client installed. The user has another system that currently works but is getting retired soon and we need the new system operational,

Any ideas?


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Asked on October 17, 2017 3:02 pm
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HI HomerJ,
I would try the following option (as you didn't list them in your attempts so if you have already done these my apologies):

Try to add the URL for the ALM server to the trusted sites (please try both ways). Go into the IE>Settings>Security Tab Click on the Trusted sites check mark icon to select it then click the Sites box and when in there enter the URL (if it is not accepted then uncheck the Require Server Verification box that is checked by default at the bottom (if it is greyed out then you have your permissions locked down).
Next go to the Privacy tab (next to the Security tab in the IE settings and then click the SItes box and within the pop up bax enter the URL and then click the Allow box.

You could try to install the ALM explorer, you need would download it under the tools menu located at the main qcbin screen and then navigating through to the additional tools and downloading through the Microfocus App marketplace. Running this on the system should allow for the client download of the files.

As a last resort you could search for the missing files on the users old system and copy all of those files to the same location on the new system and see if that allows you to get around this issue.

Hope these suggestions help,

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Answered on October 17, 2017 3:08 pm
Thanks for the recommendation. We hadn't added the sites to the trusted zones and your recommendations resolved the issues we were experiencing and allowed the installation to complete. We will keep the other ideas in our options for future issues that may arise. Thanks.
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