Changed td user password in SQL-Server first, now locked out?
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We just tried changing our password for the "td" user in SQL-Server first, now nothing works — service does not start.

What to do?

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Asked on July 9, 2018 7:28 pm
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> It is **HIGHLY** recommended that you
> change the ''td'' user password in
> QC/ALM Site admin first, THEN change
> it is SQL-Server. If you MUST do the
> SQL-Server-first method, know that it
> is error-prone.

Instead, have your DBA revert the ''td'' user password to the previous one and follow the QC Site Admin-first method from here:

When the SQL-Server-first method was used, the steps below have to be done:

You can TEMPORARILY use the ''clear text'' version of your ''td'' password and change it later to the encrypted one. Normally, a password shows up in Siteadmin.xml and DBID.xml as ''QCC:'' followed by an encrypted password - the whole string being the necessary text. If you instead use ''TXT:'' followed by your normally typed (clear text easily readable by humans) password, it will take it. For example the password ''changeme'' would be represented as ''TXT:changeme''.

1. Open your siteadmin.xml file for editing with notepad or notepad++, Replace the value of
in siteadmin.xml with the NEW value represented as the ''TXT:'' (unencrypted) form. Note: The default Path of siteadmin.xml is %ProgramData%HPALMwebappsqcbinWEB-INF
2. Cycle the HP ALM service and try to login to Site Admin (Projects won't work yet).
3. REMOVE one project (take note of the project repository directory or find it first). Remember, since the ''td'' password is mismatched, it will fail reading the project info and throw error)s) during removal.
4. Edit the project's DBID.xml file and change the value of tag in dbid.xml file to the TXT: form then save the file.
5. RESTORE the project from the DBID.xml file into the same domain as it came from.
6. On Successful restore, open the DBID.XML file again and observer and copy the new QCC: form of the password (encrypted) to the clipboard.
7. Open your siteadmin.xml file (again) for editing with notepad or notepad++, replace the value of < DefaultUserPassword> in siteadmin.xml with the NEW encrypted value represented as the ''QCC:'' form you just copied to the clipboard. Now the Siteadmin.xml has an encrypted password again.
8. Cycle the HP ALM service again to test that Site Admin works (other Projects still won't work yet, AND new projects cannot be created yet).
9. Have your DBA change the value of DB_USER_PASS field/column for each project/row in the PROJECTS table in 'qcsiteadmin_db' schema. They can use your Remove/Restore'd project for the NEW ''QCC:'' encrypted password string to copy.
10. Have your DBA change the value of DB_USER_PASS field/column in DBSERVERS table in 'qcsiteadmin_db' schema. They should use the same password string as used for projects.
11. Cycle HP ALM Service again

Test by logging in to Site admin again, visit each project in the Project tree to see that it reads/and presents the Project Details tab with information (does not throw errors). Then test project creation by creating a new/empty project.

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Answered on July 9, 2018 9:53 pm

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