Changes made to a reuasable action in Test A are not reflected within the external action in Test B
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After renaming the action of a UFT test, the external actions of other tests are not being updated.
For example, I created Test 'A' with action 'ABCD' and Test 'B' with action 'XYZ'. I then added action 'ABCD' as an external action to 'XYZ' in Test 'B'. I reopened Test 'A' and changed the action name from 'ABCD' to 'ABC', and when I go back into Test 'B', the action still displays as 'ABCD'. We have more than 1500 UFT test, so it would very time consuming to remove and re-add reusable actions. How can we make this process easier and less time consuming?

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Asked on September 26, 2016 6:03 pm
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According to HP, the external actions are managed in the test they belong to. To edit an external action, one must open the test that has this action defined. This behavior is by design to ensure that the user has permission to modify the action name, keeping track of any changes as part of the test, and to have the user understand the impact of renaming an external action, and how other tests that call it may not function anymore.

You can view the QCCR by clicking the following link - [QCCR1J62187][1].

According to HP, you will need to perform the changes to the actions in the following manner to ensure they are reflected correctly within the related tests:

- Create Test 'A' with Action 'ABCD' and Save
- Create Test 'B' with Action 'XYZ' and Save
- Add Action 'ABCD' as an external action to 'XYZ' in Test 'B' and Save
- Open Test 'A' and change the action name to 'ABC' and Save
- Open Test 'B' to find that the external action name still displays as 'ABCD'
- Remove Action 'ABCD' from Test 'B', Save the changes, then re-add Action 'ABC' as an external action and it should display correctly


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Answered on September 26, 2016 6:10 pm

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