Create Project not responding
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[1]: /storage/temp/405-create-project.png

ALM doest not respond to create project.

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Asked on February 15, 2016 6:35 am
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I see that you are creating a project by copying a project. Is the source project large?

How long did you wait?

Are you seeing the progress bar grow in the lower left corner of the UI?

If you start the project creation and then click into another screen, and then click on the above dialog, you will get the ''Not Responding'' message but it may actually still be working.

What version and patch level of the product are you using?

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Answered on February 16, 2016 3:39 am
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Check and verify how much free space you have on the source disk that you are using on the server application, as tclasp noted if the project is very large, you will need essentially almost 3X the amount of free space of the source project, The process will need a temporary space for the transfer, a final space for the creation project, and extra space for OS overhead (such as if a Windows environment the swap file the OS uses).

The temp space and swap/ overhead space will be cleaned up and freed up after the project creation has completed, but in the process will be needed so this free space is essential. If you are running low own free space that could be your culprit as it could be a lag on the system.

Also have you recently restarted the server. If not I would recommend that prior to attempting the project creation in the future as unnecessary cache and memory leaks may be holding memory that a restart would free up, also you may have unnecessary threads running that a restart will have terminated. I have also seen where a disk in the storage array was failing and this caused issues and extreme sluggishness on the application server (when the server was restarted it threw an error stating this that had not shown or been presented before and after the disk was replaced and rebuilt the system performed as expected).

Hope this helps.

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Answered on February 16, 2016 2:22 pm

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