Currently we use LDAP/AD authentication with ALM15.0, can we also use QC-authentication?
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In our Quality Center 15.0 LDAP setting is set to “Use default values for” “Active Directory”, (LDAP Password Authentication) but now i need to add some new users that are authenticated locally by QC (QC-authentication, “native” to QC). Can it be done?

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Asked on August 11, 2020 2:40 pm
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The version you have of QC/ALM does NOT support both (LDAP and "native") password authentication methods at the same time.

Currently the latest version is 15.01 and it is the same as 15.0 w.r.t. authentication.

I have heard that a near future version might allow configuration like you ask, but it would be for having "some" users authenticate via LDAP and others "native".  This is helpful for adding an additional site Admin user that could login "natively" and fix the LDAP settings if something goes wrong with them.

BUT, it will likely NOT be able to do both at the same time for any user.

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Answered on August 11, 2020 2:42 pm

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