Custom framework with LeanFT

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Can I use my own framework with LeanFT?

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Asked on August 7, 2015 2:45 pm
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To use your own framework with LeanFT:

1.Reference the SDK files.

**In Visual Studio:**

Add references to the DLLs located in: SDKDotNet.

**In Eclipse:**

Add the jar files (except the javadoc.jar) from: SDKJava to your build path.

2.Use SDK.Init to initialize the SDK

You use SDK.Init to bring in the settings via the app.config (Visual Studio) or (Eclipse). There is a previous post with information about these files.

The SDK.Init must run once at the beginning of each run.

*If you want to use default values for the SDK, you need only the following line to initialize the SDK:


Alternatively, you can create a LeanFT MSTest or JUnit project and delete the template test (.cs or .java) file that is provided, and then build your framework from there.

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Answered on August 7, 2015 2:50 pm