Run tests remotely with LeanFT

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Can I run tests remotely using LeanFT?

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Asked on August 7, 2015 2:37 pm
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On the local computer where you edit your test:

1.Open the test settings file you plan to use with your test.
C# - app.config file
Eclipse - file

2.Uncomment and edit the following test settings:

*Modify the connection address from ws://localhost to wss://
(RemoteServerAddress is the machine you want to execute your test on remotely)

*Make sure the specified port of the connection address is available on the remote computer. If it isn't, you'll need to modify it to an available port that is free and open. You must also set the same port on the remote computer as described below.

*Set the autolaunch attribute to false.

*Adjust the connection timeout or response timeout, but this is optional.

3.Check to make sure that you have a working network connection between your local test machine and the remote application machine you wish to execute on.

4.Make sure you have a trusted copy of the server's encryption certificate set up on your local machine.

On the Remote computer where your application is located that you wish to run on:

1.Make sure that the LeanFT runtime engine is installed. If not , run the LeanFT installation - you only need to install the LeanFT runtime engine.

2.Open the LFTRuntime.exe.config runtime settings file on the remote computer.
Uncomment and edit the following:

*port. If required, modify the port to match the port value set in your test settings.
*mode. Set to AcceptOnlySecuredRemoteConnections (Recommended).
*encryptionType. Select the relevant encryption type based on the secure communication mode you want to use between the two computers. The possible values are listed in the file.
*filePath. The path to the server's encryption certificate. The certificate should be in PFX format with a private key.

*RDPConnection > username and encryptedPassword. If you plan to connect to the remote computer via RDP and you want the test to continue running after disconnecting, add the connection details.

To generate the encryptedPassword, open a command window and run binPasswordEncryption.exe passwordToEncrypt. Then copy the encrypted string to the clipboard.

3.Before beginning the run:

*Manually launch the runtime engine from binFTserver.exe

*Make sure your application you are testing is ready:

*If your application is a windows-based application, make sure you've launched the application.

*For Web-based applications, make sure your test launches the browser and navigates to the application using BrowserFactory.Launch and Browser.Navigate steps.

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Answered on August 7, 2015 2:38 pm