Custom settings with LeanFT

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Can I use custom settings for all of my LeanFT projects if I want and how would I do that if I can?

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Asked on August 7, 2015 2:05 pm
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You could create a single settings file that you use in your projects if you want.

For Eclipse:

1.Create a LeanFT testing project, and tne edit the file as you want.

2.Save the properties file in a location that you can access with LeanFT.

3.When you run a LeanFT test project, pass the properties as an external variable using the lftConfigFile option. When you supply an external .properties file, the file doesn't have to be named


java ''C:MyProjectsTest1.jar'' -DlftConfigFile=''''

For Visual Studio:

1.Create a LeanFT project, and edit the app.config file as you want.

2.Compile the project and store the assembly in a location that can be accessed by LeanFT.

3.For each LeanFT test project, override the ConfigurationAssembly in UnitTestClassBase and provide the assembly containing the central app.config file:

protected override Assembly GetConfigurationAssembly()
return Assembly.LoadFrom(''MyCentralSettingsProject.dll'');

You can also just override only the Report elements or only the SDK elements of the configuration, using the GetSdkConfiguration or GetReportConfiguration methods.


protected override SdkConfiguration GetSdkConfiguration()
return new SdkConfiguration(Assembly.LoadFrom(''MyCentralSettingsProject.dll''));

4.Ensure that you deploy the referenced override assembly together with your test project .dll.

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Answered on August 7, 2015 2:07 pm