DBA moved our ALM to new Oracle Server, Now we can’t do Text Search in Memo fields

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We had a database move (Oracle) recently.  We were able to get ALM up and working and get into the projects seemingly fine.  BUT, the text search does not work any longer for ANY of the projects.

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Asked on January 12, 2022 3:21 pm
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For ANY of your ALM projects where you want "text search", your Oracle DBA will need to add the CTXAPP role to the project's schema-user (Oracle user with same name as database/schema used by ALM for project):

Enables ALM to use the Oracle text searching feature.
This role exists only if the Oracle text search component was installed and enabled on the database server.

For ALM to setup the NEWly created project schemas properly, add the CTXAPP role CTXAPP Role WITH ADMIN OPTION (1) to the DB Admin user used by ALM.

➤ (1) An ALM Platform database administrative user must have privileges with Admin Option (allows this user to "grant" privilege to newly created project/schema-users).

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Answered on January 12, 2022 3:23 pm