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When we started LoadRunner years ago we were on Professional with a single Project that just grew. As we migrated onto LoadRunner Enterprise, we’re getting bogged down with lots of intermingled information. The Test Dashboard has information from everywhere and it’s beginning to impact looking for results and it’s very annoying.
How can we tame this to spend more time testing and less time searching?

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Asked on May 23, 2023 3:54 pm
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Running LRE with a single monolithic Project (MonoProject) carries a few inherent problems for an Enterprise level system. The major structure to LRE is based on Projects, Pools, Locations and Users. The MonoProject by not offering the Project level cuts us off rom the rest. It does not let us use features like Pools and Locations to their greatest effect.

The answer is to break it up into individually administerable portions.

The 2 paths are:
1) Manually create each needed project from scratch.

Pros: You have the ability to assign each Project assets and users Only as Required.

Cons: Slow. Manual, Tedious. Prone to human error. Individually selecting Users and settings to apply.


2) LRE has a feature to create a New Project from another.

Pros: Speed. Hands down faster method by a large factor.

All your Users and scripts are ported into the New Project as they existed in the MonoProject.

Cons: Replicating the Entire Repository may result in a LOT of Disk consumption.

Projects created in this manner need to be trimmed appropriately to not create redundant copies of deprecated assets and to restrict user access appropriately.

** To Create a Project from another project**

  1. Log on to LRE on the Admin side with the Site Admin credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Management > Projects page
  3. Select your Project, and select 'More v' control in the Command bar, and select Deactivate Project
  4. Clear the selection for ProjectName
  5. In the command bar select the 'v' arrow next to +Add Project to get the 'Create project from another project' to open the Form

Form instructions:

  • Provide the New Project Name
  • Select the Domain from the dropdown
  • Select the Domain for the "Original' Project to Copy
  • Select the 'Original' Project
  • Select the Resources options desired
  • Select the Configuration options desired
  1. Click on Continue
  2. A new Project page appears, populated with information. Click on Save to finalize.
  3. The main Projects page will redisplay, the new project will be Pending long enough to create it's structure, and immediately go Active..


The new project is ready for immediate use.

An Admin will need to look at the Project User list for accuracy.

The New Project may have specific team(s) or member(s) restrictions.

Remove invalid Users from the Project’s Users list

On the LoadTest side Log in to the New Project

Remove the copies of scripts and assets that will NOT be used in the New Project as soon as possible.

Hope this helps get you from MonoProject to a structure that easier to follow.
Happy Testing!!


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Answered on May 23, 2023 3:58 pm

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