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What is LR diganostic tool? why do we use it?? what are java probes??

Being a software test, how can we analyse results on diagnostic tool?

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Asked on April 8, 2012 4:54 am
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HP Diagnostics is a tool that provide in-depth metrics relative to the way that Java, .Net and Oracle method call are performing. It can expose specific Java and .Net calls to the line number, Oracle SQL calls by statement, and all standard resource metrics. This is possibly the best tool available to the development community to closely observe the performance metrics related to new development.

HP Diagnostics software monitors application transaction health in traditional, virtualized and cloud environments-allowing quick isolation and resolution of issues. It gives you a common tool to easily collaborate across the entire application lifecycle and release higher-quality applications. HP Diagnostics provides deep drill down into transactions from the end user through the back end. And it uniquely serves as a common tool set for preproduction and production to diagnose application performance bottlenecks quickly and improve quality.

- Monitor application transactions and quickly identify application bottlenecks
- Share application diagnostics across DevOps for analysis and quick resolution
- Automatically discover and aggregate transactions from user, server, database and back end
- Monitor application health in HP Cloud-Services, MS Azure, Amazon environments
- Quickly perform root cause analysis by getting deep thread information through the click of a button

For more information about HP Diagnostics, you can view this link: [http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA1-5819ENW.pdf][1]

The following documents are available for download from the HP web Site.

The HP Diagnostics - Documents are
i. Diagnostics 9.20 FAQ
ii. Diagnostics 9.20 Install Guide
iii. Diagnostics 9.20 Query API
iv. Diagnostics 9.20 Release Notes
v. Diagnostics 9.20 Upgrade Patch Install Instructions
vi. Diagnostics 9.20 Users Guide

[1]: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA1-5819ENW.pdf

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Answered on February 15, 2013 9:23 pm