Does ALM 17.0 compatible to Chrome and Edge?
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Can we use Chrome or Edge to test the access site admin?

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Asked on June 12, 2023 10:14 pm
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Starting with ALM 16.01, MicroFocus introduced a new "Web" Admin page (similar to the "Legacy" Site Admin page) that will work in Chrome or Edge.

The "legacy" site admin will still work in IE- Internet Explorer (if you still have it installed), or Edge if compatibility is enabled for your ALM site in Edge.  It also will work from the new "ALM Client Launcher" tool.

As for the ALM "client" where users do the most of the work, IE still works for this (if you still have it installed), Edge (
if compatibility is enabled for your ALM site in Edge), and ALM client Launcher.It will NOT work in Chrome or other browsers.
There is a NEW "technology preview" (not supported) client called "WebRunner" that came out in ALM 17.  It DOES work in Chrome, but has a totally different workflow than the Legacy client does (Java vs. VisualBasic) and users using WebRunner might be able to work with records and not use any workflow previously applied to the project from the old client. 

We does not  recommend using WebRunner for "production" projects.

We HIGHLY recommend using ALM Client Launcher 4.x (msi installer) for ALL Users of ALM (not Edge, as users might stumble in to WebRunner from the qcbin page).

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Answered on June 12, 2023 10:19 pm

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