Does Load Runner 12.01 support SSO?
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We are currently using Load Runner 12.01 with Windows 7. Does any one know if
Load Runner 12.01 supports SSO? If so, are there any specific settings to record the SSO url with the users data? Any input would be great

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Asked on April 11, 2017 2:06 pm
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Yes, LoadRunner 12.01 supports SSO. In order to get LR to simulate a single sign on solution that authenticates via Kerberos, have the following items in place:

* web_set_sockets_option(''INITIAL_BASIC_AUTH'',''0''); //at beginning of script

* Run time setting: ->internet protocol->preferences->options->authentication->enable
integrated authentication = Yes

* Kerberos ini file needs to go in windows folder for all Load Generators with appropriate realm information.

* Set Runtime setting as : ->general->miscellaneous->run Vuser as a process

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Answered on April 11, 2017 2:09 pm

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