Error “Flexeraax2$aaa: Windows DLL failed to load” during ALM Installation?

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  We are trying to install ALM 15.5 on Windows Server 2019 and we are getting the error:  “Flexeraax2$aaa: Windows DLL failed to load” during the launching of the installer.  We have verified the Environment and the JAVA are all supported versions but we can’t get past this issue.  Have we done something wrong?


Thanks in advance for any help,


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Asked on November 4, 2020 4:32 pm
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Hi HomerJ,

I have seen this issue as you have described and yes it is something inherent to Server 2019.  What we must do is to have the server report that it thinks it is Server 2016 to get through this error during the installation. As per Microfocus we must add the System Environment Parameter to make the installer think it is Server 2016 and then after the installation is completed we must remove that parameter to return the OS to normal behavior and the ALM service will run without issue after this removal.

Add the following parameter to the System Environment Variables:

JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS= " Server 2016"    (make sure and include the quotation marks as they are written in the Parameters value).

This should resolve your issue.



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Answered on November 4, 2020 4:38 pm
Thanks for the quick response. That resolved the issue for us.
( at November 4, 2020 4:39 pm)