Error importing library from one project to another in ALM
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When attempting to import a library from one project to another, I am getting an error. Error in the process states "import operation failed, refer to HP ALM log for more details" and "Library part copy failed".

Logs show this entry: Cannot use link regenerator class ‘LinkRegeneratorASSET_RELATIONS’ : or failed to find method ‘regenerateLinks’ or could not tie links (maybe link ends are missing in the mappings; Failed to get src key;

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Asked on January 19, 2017 6:01 pm
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I would suggest you run a verify on both the source and target projects to see if it shows errors that can be repaired. The issues are most likely in the source project from which the library export occurred, but good idea to be sure the target project is on the up and up as well. The error shows linking concerns which a repair most likely can fix. If the verify finds issues, it will tell you if the repair tool can fix or not. Usually it can. If you find errors and it says to run the repair, do so and retest after repair your export and import.

Note: Be sure to backup if possible your DB and repository for the projects. Always a good idea to have a current backup before attempting a repair as a just in case. Repairs are generally not a cause a for concern, but best practice would be to have a current backup in place if any need arose.

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Answered on January 19, 2017 6:04 pm
Verify did find issues in the source project. Said repair could fix so ran the repair. Errors gone on second verify. Target showed no issues. Relaunched import and it looks like it has finished. Huge fix, thank you.
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