ERROR: Making autopass data dirs failed for path productData\license IN ALM?
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  We had an issue with the starting the services in ALM.  We are using ALM 12.55 and this issue occurred.  We have a test instance of 12.60 and the same issue is occurring is this a known bug and issue in the latest versions?




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Asked on June 22, 2020 10:47 am
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Hi HomerJ,

I have seen two resolutions from Microfocus for this particular issue.  We are seeing these more and more and the first resolution is generally the one that resolves the issue:

1) It is possible that is your repository path and in the DB still points to other environment. Since the newer versions don't include and lock down the JAVA versions we are seeing more of these issues occur when the JAVA version is upgraded as the path for the JAVA specifies the version number within the path so any version change, also changes the associated path
Next steps might helps us to resolve such issue:

1. The “QCSITEADMIN” might have under “PARAMS” table for entry: BASE REPOSITORY PATH the path of other environment.
2. Said that, please update such entry and type the path that we are going to use for the current environment. ( if needed, contact your DBA )
3. After that, we may run the “configuration wizard” and continue all steps until it finish installing


2) if the first resolution doesn't work you may have to manually remove the application and then run the installation again and insure the use of the correct service account (KM 03241467)


Hope this helps,
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Answered on June 22, 2020 11:06 am
Thanks it was the first option. The JAVA was updated on both versions.
( at June 22, 2020 11:07 am)

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