Error viewing subnet folder on WLMAdmin
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I’m trying to use WLMAdmin to get license counts, but when I try to view the subnet folder I get the error "Sentinel RMS Development Kit: Error[3]: Failed to resolve the server host "ABC".

License server is on ABC subnet and my computer is on DEF subnet.

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Asked on April 28, 2014 6:04 pm
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When the Sentinel License Manager tools are installed on a local pc that is in a different subnet than the License Manager server is, add the server IP address under Defined Servers in the Sentinel Server Administration (Edit>Defined Server List). Also go to Edit > Preferences and check off Discover defined servers on startup and Save these preferences to a file. Add the LSHOST system environment variable to the local pc with a value of the IP address or server name for the Sentinel License Manager server.

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Answered on April 28, 2014 6:05 pm
Worked great! Thanks!
( at April 28, 2014 6:05 pm)

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