Excel Add-In for 11.52 is not working with Office 365
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We need some assistance, as the ALM Excel Add-In for 11.52 is not working with Office 365. We are currently using ALM v11.52 patch 3, and we are receiving the following error:

*Compile error in hidden module: mdHeader.
This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with the version, platform, or acrchitecture of this application. Click "Help" for information on how to correct this error.*

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Asked on February 7, 2017 9:14 pm
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According to the system requirements provided by HP, they are advising that in order for Office 365 to be supported by ALM 11.52, you will need to install patch 9. I have listed the link below to the HP System Requirements page.

[HP System Requirements][1]

The links below will download patch 9 for ALM 11.52 from the Orasi Support website. As you can see, I have listed the download links for the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.

[Download Patch 9 for ALM 11.52 - Windows 32-bit OS][2]

[Download Patch 9 for ALM 11.52 - Windows 64-bit OS][3]

[1]: https://lnast01pcache.saas.hpe.com/asset/resources/pd/alm/8xy1460313386/POST3oq38S.html#ALM1152
[2]: https://supportweb.orasi.com/downloads/TD4QC_00569.zip
[3]: https://supportweb.orasi.com/downloads/TD4QC_00570.zip

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Answered on February 7, 2017 9:21 pm

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