Experiencing LDAP error in Microfocus ALM?
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We’re getting LDAP errors in or system recently and are wondering if it is due to a configuration or if it is due to an error on the LDAP system. We recently added a domain to our LDAP system and when we added it due to the limitations of availability because of EU standards we have had to limit the users that can access this domain. Ever since then we are receiving an increased amount of errors in our log file for failed connectivity to the new domain server. However we have not added that server to our LDAP authentication list and the lDAP authorized user is not allowed access to that server due to EU operating standards.

Any ideas as to why the errors are occurring or the way to rectify/alleviate the errors?


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Asked on October 31, 2017 5:43 pm
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I have seen this in the past and from the way you are describing it I think possibly the same thing is occurring here.

If the eu domain is a child of the main server that is entered into the LDAP domain URL it will automatically attempt to connect to the children. If what I just wrote is correct, the issue lies in that the authenticated user for parsing the LDAP system is designed to have permission and be able to parse everything from the parent domain and also parse everything below (to include all children that are nested below said parent domain). In this case the eu domain being not authorized to allow this user account, it is then throwing an error each time it is attempting to parse and connect to that child domain. Unfortunately this is the design of how things are handled within the LDAP system and they can't be changed (other than removing the child to another forest outside of that domain, giving it authentication permissions, or choosing a different child domain to authenticate into that wouldn't have hierarchy with the eu domain) as this is the nature of how the LDAP parsing occurs and is not a specific functionality of ALM (as ALM is basically a conduit to LDAP and nothing more).

I am suspecting that this is the case and other than mentioned above resolutions the errors will continue to be generated but the good news is that they are affecting nothing and only a nuisance in the log file.

Hope this helps,

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Answered on October 31, 2017 5:51 pm
Thanks. Yes it was added as a child and we will take into considerations the suggested resolutions and see if one fits our design. If not it is good to know that they are not affecting anything negatively as that was our primary concern with this.
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