Exporting multiple test set in a separate excel sheet from ALM to excel using vba
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Hi Friends,

I have completed coding for exporting all test set which is present in test lab folder in single excel sheet.

But I want to export each test set in separate excel sheet.Please help me on this.

Thanks Advance!

PFB the code:

Set TCFactory = QCConnection.TestFactory

Set TSTreeMngr = QCConnection.TestSetTreeManager

‘qcPath = "Root\\ECommerce – B2C\\Autozone.com\\B2C – DIY\\Search Enhancement – Part 2\\Search Enhancement-New Changes\\"

qcPath = Worksheets("Input").Range("K15")

Set TSFolder = TSTreeMngr.NodeByPath(qcPath)

Set TestSetList = TSFolder.FindTestSets("Desktop")

If TestSetList Is Nothing Then

MsgBox "No Test Cases are there in this location"


clearSheet For Each TSet In TestSetList

‘Get TSTestFactory object for each TestSet

Set TSFact = TSet.TSTestFactory

‘Get TestCases of selected Test Set

Set TSTestsList = TSFact.NewList("")

For Each TSTest In TSTestsList

With Sheets("Test Case Data")

.Cells(tlrow, 1).Value = TSTest.Field("TS_Name")

.Cells(tlrow, 2).Value = TSTest.Field("TC_STATUS")

tlrow = tlrow + 1

End With



End If

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Asked on January 9, 2017 5:36 pm
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Is your issue resolved?
I am working on the similar requirement. In addition I would like to add few more columns like Test Setps Status, Responsible Tester, Step Name, Step Description, Actual Result, Expected Results.
Would you please share your code, if you have.

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Answered on August 8, 2018 5:56 pm

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