Failure to initialize secondary machine with Sprinter 12.20 mirroring
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When attempting to run a test in Sprinter 12.20 for mirroring, I get an error in the Health Console almost immediately.

"Could not initialize Mirroring on some of the secondary machines. click initialize for each machine to try again, or Start to star the test with the available machines only."

Initialize button being clicked at top just gives way to same error. If I hit Start only the Primary machine will launch. Hitting Abort does just that, closes down the test for all machines.

This is just for web app, IE, nothing complicated and easily supported tests when run without mirroring. So I must have some setting wrong.

I did see in the user guide to edit a "Protectsessions" flag for the Sprinter.exe.config file. That though did not seem to make any difference as I got the same error.


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Asked on February 23, 2015 3:51 pm
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Yes, you are correct in that the Sprinter User Guide does list to edit the Sprinter.exe.config file to change that parameter to allow any user login for mirroring. However, I honestly feel that is a mistake in the guide.

Sprinter has 3 primary config files for setting expected behavior when using the application: Sprinter.exe.config, SprinterAgent.exe.config and SprinterRTE.config

While the guide as you mention says to edit the Sprinter.exe.config file for that parameter, my testing as proven to me that the only config that really needs this edit to FALSE is the SprinterAgent.exe.config file.

I feel the guide should state this:
To allow mirroring without authentication, set the ProtectSessions flag in SprinterAgent.exe.config, located in the product's bin folder, to false on the secondary machine.

1. Close Sprinter and HP Sprinter Agent (Windows system tray)
2. Open on a text editor the file binSprinterAgent.exe.config
3. Set the ''ProtectSessions'' flag to False (located in the bin folder)
4. Save file
5. Restart HP Sprinter Agent

End result edit in the config file should be like this:

There is even a HP KM article out there, KM1343934 which was out there for the version 11 of Sprinter. While the flag was named something different back then than as it appears in the current version of Sprinter, this article only makes mention of editing for the SprinterAgent.exe.config.

With that setting changed, you should not longer see the message of ''there is not Sprinter Agent running for the specified user'' for your secondary machine.

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Answered on February 23, 2015 3:57 pm
NIce, that sprinteragent.config edit totally worked! thank you!
( at February 23, 2015 4:03 pm)

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