We are getting an error when trying to verify a project within ALM 12.xx?
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We have recently migrated our systems from an ALM 11 version to an ALM 12 version. We set up a new application server and a new DB server. We copied all the project backups (repository and DB backups) over tot he new system. We ran queries recommended by HP to drop the attached "td" user from the project DBs and to attach the new "td" user to the project DBs.

We were able to install the application and upgrade a copy of the qcsiteadmin_db to the new ALM 12 schema. The system is up and functioning normally. We have even created a project without issue.

When we try to restore the projects to the new system after correctly editing the bid.xml files, the projects restore without error, but when we go to run the maintenance to upgrade the project to the new ALM 12 schema, the verification fails.

We are receiving an unsupported DB version error, Prior to the installation we verified all the versions of OS and DB are listed as fully supported within the HP recommended environments pages.

We have added the db validator parameter to the site configuration tab within site admin and this didn’t resolve the issue. We even ran the verification on the newly created project (which is up and running correctly) and receive the same unsupported version error, We are unable to get past this error and would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.


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Asked on February 23, 2015 2:24 pm
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Hi HomerJ,
The issue your are receiving is something new to ALM 12 and could be related to the build number of your DB or something different than expected, as the environments pages don't go down to the depth of supported build numbers (and yours could be one that isn't).

Either way, since ALM12.xx the verification checks this during the maintenance phase as you have discovered. There is a workaround to get this working correctly. You will need to also add the following parameter to the site configuration tab within the site administration gui (in addition to the ALLOW_UNSUPPORTED_DB = ''Y'' parameter.

Please add the following parameter to that list using the Add Parameter option:


Possible values: Y/N Set this to Y

QC Versions: QC 10 and up till12.x.
Description: This parameter is used for enabling upgrade of projects on old Databases which are no longer supported.
If the value is ''Y'' it means that verify will skip the DB version check and will not fail upgrade even of the project is on a non-supported Database.

This parameter addition should not require a restart of the system and should take effect immediately, however if the issue still persists, then please restart the services to insure that the parameter is applied fully and correctly.

I hope this helps.

Dan D

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Answered on February 23, 2015 2:33 pm
Thanks for the quick response. We added the parameter and now for the first time are able to complete the verification, repairs, and upgrades of current and existing products.
( at February 23, 2015 2:35 pm)

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