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When creating a requirement summary graph, I have noticed an interesting result. I am displaying target releases, grouped by status. Each release has ties to some of the same requirements. When the graph is generated, it shows each target release as a column in the created summary graph.

I have attempted to set a filter to just show one release and not the many others ties to same requirements. The filter does not change the generated graph. With multiple columns (ie releases) in the graph, it's not a very useful graph. I have tried everything I can thing of with the filter but nothing seems to change that multiple releases are displayed in the graph.

This is for QC11/ALM with patch 12.

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Asked on April 1, 2013 7:39 pm
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Hello! You are not the only one to notice this issue. It was presented to me and I could not find a resolution either. I opened a ticket with HP and got their opinion as to the situation.

HP has determined the issue is neither a bug nor error. The graph by design, when grouped by status of tests tied to requirements in a release, will and should show all releases that have a tie to said requirements. They did concede that the graph generated can be somewhat less than desired if you have like 10 or more released tied in to your created graph.

HP had me do an Enhancement Request for this specific graph circumstance so that R&D could decide if they need to change the current behavior of the graph for a future patch or release. A QCCR was created for the ER, but seems to be internal only right now and not public on SSO. I did request for it to be made public if possible, so we can all track the progression.

If I get a public link, I will post it. Otherwise we will have to wait and see if the QCCR gets covered in a future release or patch. The QCCR number is QCCR1J31718.

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Answered on April 1, 2013 7:40 pm