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In a few of our projects in QC10, we have quite the extensive folder and test collection in our Test Plan modules. We are often tasked with reporting on any requirement link deficiencies or defects, things of that nature. I like to use the Test Plan to be my starting point and go to coverage from it, when attempting to correct any missing links.

My issue is that, while I sometimes use a filter to sort the tests I will be double checking lineage on, often times it is just easier to use the Find and a keyword. I have noticed though that often Find doesn’t in fact find anything. I can name a test folder and it will say "No Match Found.". But yet I can have the tree open and see that very test. Sometimes the Find works great, other times not so much. Any guess as to why?

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Asked on April 18, 2013 7:19 pm
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Well you are luck today, as we do have a why like you ask. HP recently put out Patch 31 for QC10 and it in fact addresses your issue. The cause it seems if if you have a Filter in place, and then try to do a Find, the Find won't find any matches. Remove the filter and Find will find your keyword, provided it exists naturally.

Patch 31 addresses the issue and corrects it so when a Filter is in use, and you try to Find something, it will in fact search and display a result. Only provision it reports is that to search a folder name with the Find option, at least one test must be defined within the folder. As you are searching for particular tests as you point out, you should be okay in that regard.

To sum up, upgrade to patch 31 for your QC10 instance and Find option should provide matches each time now, regardless of a filter being applied.

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Answered on April 18, 2013 7:21 pm