For PC12.61, I need to the understanding how the Cloud Provisioning setup works within Lab Management.
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Asked on January 18, 2019 5:59 pm
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PC use your cloud account with Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure to create LG hosts on demand for load testing.

Generally, The Cloud setup and provisioning can be done in Lab Management and/or Performance Center administration . This feature is there to give you more options, when more load generators are needed. Load generators can be hosted on local machines, (real or virtual) or in a cloud account. To provisioning a load generator in the cloud, you must have access to a cloud account that will used to host the cloud load generators, and your cloud account must be set up for provisioning any cloud load generators.

Performance Center 12.61 supports Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure cloud accounts.

By using cloud hosts in Performance Center, you can:

- Cloud-based load generators are best suited for testing externally available AUT.
- Provision testing hosts only when you need them.
- Manage cloud provisioning on a per-project basis, with each project having access only to the cloud resources it needs.
- Allow QA testers to provision pre-approved testing hosts without the need for direct access to your cloud accounts.
- Regulate cloud host usage by assigning credits to projects.
- View cloud host usage reports to manage cloud resource consumption.

For more information on using Cloud Hosts in Performance Center visit the PC 12.60-61 help site page:

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