Getting an ALM-E10004 error on logging into a project in?
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I am getting the above (ALM-E10004) error upon logging into a project. What could the issue be as we haven’t changed anything or had any errors prior and now it is occurring? We are trying to log into a project and it is having an issue.

Any ideas where we could look or start??


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Asked on January 24, 2017 2:39 pm
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I would see if this is related to only one project (if you are using an Oracle DB, the project user password could have expired or changed and this would cause it) or if it is related to one user (could be a client or user account issue. If this is not related to one project, I would check the DB user passwords haven't changed or expired. If they are still active, I would check that a connection to the DB is maintained. If the connectivity is timed out then the application will not be useable. You should see an error in the logs as to what is happening with the connectivity. I have seen this before where a DBA was performing maintenance and the connectivity to the DB was temporarily dropped. Restarting the services should resolve the issue.

Try the above suggestions and see if that resolves the issues being experienced.


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Answered on January 24, 2017 2:49 pm
Thanks. We tried what you suggested and although we could only find something related to the connectivity with the DB in the error logs. However everything in the DB was good. We did restart the services as suggested and everything is working correctly so it must be something related to the connectivity. We will continue to monitor the connectivity. Thanks for the suggestions as the issue was resolved and in the future we have things too look at.
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