Getting error message for file or directory length on UFT API
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I am executing one UFT API test which used to download files from FTP server to local system. If i execute this script from HP UFT directly then it works properly but if i try to execute same test script from HP-ALM then it gets failed.
At the end after execution of script i am getting below error message :-
**The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.**
I checked directory path and file name together and max length is 135 chracters which is less than 260 chracter.

Can anybody help me to solve this issue.


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Asked on August 30, 2016 2:09 pm
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This might help:

On your UFT client machine, change your TMP and TEMP environment variables to a shorter path like ''c:temp''. Typically they are set to the user's profile which can add to the path making it too long somewhere in the process.

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Answered on November 7, 2016 4:52 pm

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