Getting errors when launching UFT
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When I launch UFT I get the error "Wrong user Password". I will go into the application and try to fix this and when I go I get the error message: Unexpected Error Occurred. The general details tab shows that my Quality Center session was disconnected but I see in my windows task manager that where I had 1 instance of UFT running, I now have 2. When I click on the Stack Trace tab, I get this information:

at Mercury.TD.Client.Ota.QC9.ITDConnection8.get_TDParams(String Request)
at HP.UFT.BPT.Model.Services.Alm.Impl.Repository.AlmRepositoryService.SetLockTimeoutInHours()
at HP.UFT.BPT.Model.Services.Alm.Impl.Repository.AlmRepositoryService.Init(IAlmRepositoryServiceContext serviceInitiator)
at HP.UFT.BPT.ServiceLoader.RepositoryServiceLoader.b__a()
at HP.UFT.ServicesRegistry.WindsorWrapperContainer.<>c__DisplayClass4`1.b__2()
at Castle.MicroKernel.Registration.ComponentRegistration`1.<>c__DisplayClassf`1.b__e(IKernel k, ComponentModel m, CreationContext c)
at Castle.MicroKernel.ComponentActivator.FactoryMethodActivator`1.Instantiate(CreationContext context)
at Castle.MicroKernel.ComponentActivator.DefaultComponentActivator.InternalCreate(CreationContext context)
at Castle.MicroKernel.ComponentActivator.AbstractComponentActivator.Create(CreationContext context)
at Castle.MicroKernel.Lifestyle.SingletonLifestyleManager.Resolve(CreationContext context)
at Castle.MicroKernel.Handlers.DefaultHandler.ResolveCore(CreationContext context, Boolean requiresDecommission, Boolean instanceRequired)
at Castle.MicroKernel.Handlers.AbstractHandler.Resolve(CreationContext context, Boolean instanceRequired)
at Castle.MicroKernel.Handlers.AbstractHandler.Resolve(CreationContext context)
at Castle.MicroKernel.DefaultKernel.ResolveComponent(IHandler handler, Type service, IDictionary additionalArguments)
at Castle.MicroKernel.DefaultKernel.Resolve(Type service)

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Asked on October 19, 2016 11:43 am
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The problem is that the password is changed in ALM/QC and UFT is set to login to ALM/QC on start up. This password is cached and you need to clear this cache.

Can you do the following.

1. Start UFT
2. If any errors occur just continue
3. On UFT Menu go to ALM > ALM Connection
4. If ''Restore connection on startup'' is check then uncheck it. If this was already unchecked, then stop this process.
5. Press 'Close' button.
6. Close UFT.
7. Restart UF.

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Answered on October 19, 2016 11:44 am

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