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I received a "Failed to Create Project" error when trying to copy a project. The SaServerLog indicates "Cannot copy project because the following extensions are enabled on it: Application Model, Enterprise Integration for SAP applications". I have no problems copying projects with no extensions enabled. We are running HP ALM 11.52 (Quality Center 11.50.241, Application Model 11.50.2214, Enterprise Integration for SAP applications 11.50.4521). Is there a way to copy such projects?

For some context… this is part of a process we are using to migrate projects from our existing HP ALM 11.52 environment to a new, separate HP ALM 12.53 environment. On the ALM 11 side, we make a copy of a project and point it to the new ALM 12 DB server. We then copy the corresponding ALM 11 repository folder over to the ALM 12 repository and then adjust the physical_directory reference in the dbid.xml file. Then we do a restore on the ALM 12 side referencing that dbid.xml file and then proceed to do a Verify Project, Repair Project, and Upgrade Project… and viola… a project copied/migrated to ALM 12. Problem is… if we can’t copy a project to begin with in ALM 11 (e.g. those with extensions), then we have a project migration issue. A third of our projects have these extensions enabled.

Thanks for any help that could be provided. Brent

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Asked on October 19, 2016 2:06 pm

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