Getting ”Invalid adapter type. Type HP-ALM is unknown when importing HP-Sync 12.20 link backup to 12.53 SP1
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We are upgrading our HP-Synchronizer server and wanted to use a NEW Server VM with a newer OS (Win2012) on it.
We started with HP-Sync 12.20 and performed (for each link) Backup Link with data. These ended up creating separate ZIP files for each link.

Then, we installed a new/blank load of HP-Sync 12.53 Sync Pack 1 (SP1) Server on the NEW Win2012 VM and installed the client.
The client launched as normal and when we try to import the ZIPs, we get this error:

ERROR #1 – server link INVLAID_ADAPTER_TYPE: Invalid adapter type. Type HP-ALM is unknown.

![alt text][1]

What do we do now?

[1]: /storage/temp/586-hp-alm-adapter-type-unknown.png

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Asked on April 4, 2017 4:55 pm
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This is a new issue related to HPE's rebranding of HP-Synchronizer to HPE-Synchronizer.
The Endpoint 1 (QC/ALM) is now called ''HPE-ALM'' and when importing exported links from previous versions of HP-Synchronizer 12.53 (not SP1) and older, it fails on this name.

Here is how to fix it:

If don't want to use 12.53 (not SP1) and really want to use 12.53 SP1, AND you already have the links backed up to ZIP:

1) rename your export ZIP to another name (just in case)
2) open the ZIP with a zip editor (winzip).
3) drag the ''LinkConfig.xml'' file out of the zip and onto your desktop
4) open the xml file with notepad
5) use EDIT/REPLACE and specify ''HP-ALM'' for what to find, and ''HPE-ALM'' for what to replace it with.
6) run replace and it should only find 2 to replace.
7) DELETE the ''LinkConfig.xml'' file from the ZIP file and ADD the updated XML file to the ZIP file instead.
8) Save the ZIP file and try import (create link from backup file) again.

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Answered on April 4, 2017 5:00 pm

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