Having trouble accessing the new marketplace to download ALM add-ins, tools, and extras?
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I am having issues when trying to download the HP all add-ins and extras from within ALM by clicking the Tools option on the cabin page. I can access the page but when I try to download the actual products, I am rerouted back to the log in page asking for me to create a passport/log in access account to get the software. I have actually created 2 different accounts and I still cannot authorize. I have been stuck in what appears to be a loop that takes me to the product to select it and then back to the authorization page. Am I doing something wrong?


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Asked on September 28, 2017 2:36 pm
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Hello Homer,
I have recently experienced the same issue that you have and the only fix/ workaround that I have gotten to work for me is to go directly to the HP Passport log in page and then from there to navigate to the marketplace section I needed and I was then able to download the software I was needing. The link is here: https://marketplace.microfocus.com/hpplogin?returnUrl=/appdelivery This allowed me to utilize my HP passport log in and then download the software add-ins I needed. You must have a passport log in to use this though.

Hope this works,

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Answered on September 28, 2017 2:41 pm
Thank you, I had a passport login and was able to get the needed add-in that way, Thanks again for the link.
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