How can I reset my AutoPass settings to default without reinstalling the entire application?

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  • How can I reset my AutoPass settings to default without reinstalling the entire application?
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I forgot my admin password, so I need to be able to reset my AutoPass settings back to default. The problem is, I have to jump through an inordinate amount of hoops in order to uninstall/reinstall software applications (along with reboots) on our server machine. Any ideas?

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Asked on October 31, 2016 4:16 pm
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Things happen. Things like lost passwords and corruption. Things like aliens crash-landing in the Antarctic and inevitably taking over the world. We'll deal with the former. Good luck with the latter. There are a couple of semi-likely scenarios that might warrant a ''do-over'' (forcing the APLS to a default, clean-slate state). These scenarios include:

- You forgot your password, but didn't set up the Mail Configuration as a fail-safe for resetting it. You have no way of logging in.
- The APLS database clearly became corrupted, showing ''Live'' users that absolutely are not running HPE software, with no way to Revoke. Your affected and expensive concurrent licenses are now useless. You've tried restarting the service. You've even tried removing and reinstalling the software (but forgot to wipe out the data directory). Nothing works. Life is hard.

One method would be to uninstall APLS, deleting the data directory containing the APLS database, and re-installing the software from scratch. Easier said than done, as most companies require copious amounts of hoop-jumping just to reinstall software, let alone rebooting server machines. Luckily, there's a way to avoid re-installing the APLS software and rebooting the server by following the steps below:

*First, be aware this will take APLS back to its default state; that is, you will need to reload your licenses and redo your configuration.

1. If you have redundancy configured, disable on both primary and secondary servers (APLS > Configuration > Redundancy > Uncheck ''Enable Redundancy'')

2. On the license server machine, open Windows Services, and stop the HPE AutoPass License Server service.

3. Navigate to C:ProgramDataHPHP AutoPass License ServerAutoPassLicenseServer and create a backup of the entire data directory within.

4. Rename the database directory to database.bak

5. Start the HPE AutoPass License Server service.

6. The database directory gets automatically recreated, and the APLS is now back to its default state (User Name: admin - Password: password). You will need to specify your new admin password, load your licenses, and redo your configuration.

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Answered on October 31, 2016 4:19 pm
Outstanding! Thanks for the walk-through. I'm able to start fresh again without uninstalling and reinstalling everything.
( at October 31, 2016 4:20 pm)